sidewalkflowers: The Mayfair Group X Sidewalk Flowers Now Live!

The Mayfair Group X Sidewalk Flowers Now Live!

I was thrilled when @themayfairgroup approached me for a collaboration. We have both been admirers of each other’s work for some time, which made this collaboration seamless.

The creative flow during the process was incredible! After extensive discussions, we finalized the concept of ‘Handle with Care.’ This iconic message carries a profound meaning beyond a mere stamp on a box, serving as a reminder to act with kindness and compassion towards the wearer and others.

Gentleness and care have consistently yielded positive outcomes in any situation. Through this collection, our intention is to inspire individuals to handle themselves, others, and the world with utmost care. When you wear this collection, our hope is that it acts as a shield against negativity while attracting positivity. At the very least, we encourage you to handle yourself with care.

Grab The Collection Before It Sells Out Here:

Thanks for being here! Sending so much love your way! 

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