sidewalkflowers: First Drop!

First Drop!

It has been a really long time coming, but the first official Sidewalk Flowers drop is now live. We are proud to present our Poster Bundles. The inspiration behind these designs came from a long conversation with a local frog sitting on top of a mushroom. The frog was very wise, and thanks to that, we now have some of these wonderful posters available.

I love you! I wanted to let you know that no matter where you are, or how you are feeling, you are growing in your own beautiful, unique way.

Through times of struggle, we need to remind ourselves that our thoughts, emotions, and actions are like seeds being planted. We must try to plant good seeds, so positive things grow.

We all have times where we look around our gardens, all we see is weeds, and it is hard to imagine that beautiful flowers can bloom in place of weeds.

Beautiful things can and will grow where good things are planted! It may not happen overnight, but when seeds are planted with good intentions, peace, and love, everything that comes from them will thrive and develop beautifully.

I believe in you, and the seeds that you plant! I love you. I hope you have an amazing day.

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