sidewalkflowers: Mission


“The Main Goal”

The mission of Sidewalk Flowers is to promote the light, mend the gaps and encourage healing.  Using the magic of design and streetwear, Sidewalk Flowers makes the world a more positive place for everyone from teens to queens, to fiends.  Know that growth is possible. Shift your perspective.  Make the world better. 

There are cracks all around us.  Flaws in the foundation of our society that run deep.  Gaps in our communities that leave people marginalized.  And faults within each of us that can be hard to accept. But in every break, every crevasse – there is also beauty. Light that emits from a society working harder to come together. Bridges being built to mend the gaps. And healing as we accept the faults that make us human.

After all… 

Flowers grow in the most unexpected of places.

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